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Fiber Q Modulators

Fiber Q Modulators

Fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulators (FCAOM) offer an elegant and robust solution for amplitude modulation of fiber lasers, allowing direct control of the timing, intensity, and temporal shape of the laser output. Our Fiber-Q® modulators offer high extinction ratio, low insertion loss, and excellent stability in both polarization maintaining (PM) and non-PM formats at modulation frequencies up to 80 MHz for visible and infrared wavelengths. Built for reliability, the Fiber-Q® series of products features a rugged hermetic design in a compact, low-profile package, ideal for ease of integration into all-fiber and OEM systems, including medical laser systems.

Product Part Number Wavelength Frequency Rise/Fall Time Fiber Type Datasheet Add to Quote
S-M200-0.4C2A-3-F2x 450nm 200MHz 25ns PM,SM


S-M200-0.4C2C-3-F2x 532nm 200MHz 25ns PM,SM


S-M200-0.4C2E-3-F2x 633nm 200MHz 25ns PM,SM


T-M150-0.5C2W-3-F2x 780nm 150MHz 50ns PM, SM


S-M150-0.4C2G-3-F2S 1060nm 150MHz 30ns SM


T-M150-0.4C2G-3-F2x 1060nm 150MHz 30ns PM, SM


T-M200-0.1C2G-3-F2x 1060nm 200MHz 10ns PM, SM


T-M300-0.1C2G-3-F2x 1060nm 300MHz 6ns PM, SM


T-M040-0.5C8J-3-F2x 1550nm 40MHz 100ns PM,SM


T-M080-0.4C2J-3-F2x 1550nm 80MHz 35ns PM, SM


T-M080-0.5C8J-3-F2x 1550nm 80MHz 100ns PM, SM


T-M110-0.2C2J-3-F2x 1550nm 110MHz 25ns PM, SM


T-M200-0.1C2J-3-F2x 1550nm 200MHz 10ns PM, SM


T-M300-0.1C16J-3-F2P 1550nm 300MHz 6ns PM


T-M250-0.3C16Z-3-F2P 2000nm 250MHz 20ns PM


T-M080-0.3C2Z-3-F2x 2000nm 80MHz 100ns PM, SM