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July 2024: Introspect Technologies Top Highlights of Q2 include Safety & Displays Take a Front Seat, Upcoming Electronics Industry Awards and the Future of Memory and Storage Show August 6-8.  Details can be found here!

June 2024: Introspect Technology Hears Demand, Adds SoundWire to Expansive List of Supported Protocols MIPI SoundWire designers are now able to take advantage of SV6E-X’s full suite of testing features: protocol exerciser, protocol analyzer, and a real-time oscilloscope.  Click here!

April 2024: Introspect Q2: World's First GDDR7 Memory Test System; find the details here

April 2024: Coherent Corp., Juniper Networks and Marvell Deliver Public Demonstration of Industry-First Comprehensive 800ZR System at OFC’24; read the summar here!

January 2024: News from Introspect; click here!

Product Launch: SV6E-X Mid-Frequency Digital Test Module

Technical Insights: - The Digital Side Electrification: How Power Management ICs Are Changing and How Introspect Technology Can Help!

Technical Insights: Conrol Multiple Instruments in Your Most Sophisticated Test Bench Yet.

Upcoming Events: DesignCon 2024, Display Week 2024

September 2023: Some great news for our friends at Introspect; For the Fourth Year in a Row, Introspect Technology Makes the Globe and Mail’s Annual Ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies.  See the article here!

June 2023: Congratulations to our friends @IntrospectTest for their nominations for Test Measurement & Inspection Products of the year!  It's well deserved!

Please join us in voting for them! https://electronicsindustryawards.co.uk/vote/

April 2023: On May 10, Xena will host the second masterclass webinar "112G SerDes - Live in Action!", together with AMD, MultiLane and Teledyne LeCroy.  Check it out here

March 2023: Exciting new product announcements from Coherent, see their Instrumentation Newsletter for all the details on the new Super C-Band products, the WaveShaper B Series and the WaveAnalyzer 400A OSA as well as the WaveMaker4000A Optical Spectrum Synthesizer!

February 2023: Great Technical Insights from Introspect; "Validate your low power design;" click here!

February 2023: Upcoming webinar from Introspect; Introduction to Embedded DisplayPort on February 23rd at 11. Click here for details!

January 2023: New from Introspect; Introducing the SV5C-eDP Embedded DisplayPort Generator, click here to learn the "Three Ways the SV5C-eDP Generator Makes an Engineer's Life Easier". 

January 2023: eagleyard wants to talk about your vision at the SPIE BIOS / PHOTONICS WEST, additional wavelengths for the mini TA and the mini ECLs as well as new butterfly package design for the µMOPA and miniTA. Click here for details and more news!

January 2023: See the latest from Introspect by viewing their January 2023 newsletter; click here!

January 2023: Eagleyard will be at SPIE BIOS/PHOTONICS WEST!  Stop by their booth to learn about their latest news - BIOS #8209 / PW #3209:

  • additional wavelengths: the miniTA and the miniECL are now available in 765 nm, 770 nm, 780 nm, 795 nm, 852 nm and 895 nm
  • new butterly package design for the µMOPA and miniTA
  • an evaluation board is now available for the µMOPA and miniTA
  • completly new corporate design

January 2023: Great new "Technical Insight" issued by Introspect; How we Debug eDP’s Power Saving Features; The SV5C series is the pioneering solution for debugging eDP v1.5.  Click here

November 2022:  Congratulations to the Introspect Team for another great achievement! The Excellence in Innovation award!

October 2022:  Introspect Newsletter: October 2022 Edition - Technical Insights, Company news and Upcoming events.  Click here!

September 2022: New webinar from introspect; I3C Protocol Testing with Introspect Technology. Register here!

July 2022: Introspect's July Newsletter can been seen here.  They celebrate 10 years of business, introduce a new oscilloscope the I3C, and offer some webinars and blog post.  

May 2022: eagleyard launched 2 new highly integrated innovations at Laser World of Photonics; a mini ECL;  and 400mW SM Laser Diode!

January 2022: Two new product announcements from TOPTICA/eagleyard; Semiconductor Tapered Amplifier in a Standard Butterfly Package & Mircomopa - Fully Integrated into Standard Butterfly Platform

January 2022: Introspect January 2022 newsletter; New series of solutions for the DisplayPort DP) & Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) specifications & Technical Insights - Common-Mode Noise Injection on HS Portion of a D-PHY Pattern; click here to see it.

December 2021: Great news from the MIPI Alliance; MIPI M-PHY Update Doubles Peak Data Rate for Next-Generation Flash Memory Storage Applications; click here.

October 2021See the latest newsletter from Introspect; Featuring 2 new products, the PV2 and the SV4E-SLVSEC as well as some Technical Insights; Introspect ESP Software’s New Launcher Facility; here!

September 2021: Introspect has been selected as one of Canada's top growing companies for the third year in a row! See the press release here!

September 2021: Xena Networks has a new White Paper available for download; Terabit Ethernet – How? This White Paper dives into the details of 112Gbps SerDes and 800Gbps Ethernet work in practice.

June 2021: Latest newsletter from ii-vi, Spring 2021

April 2021: See the latest from Introspect in the April 2021 newsletter; new solutions, events & white papers; click here

March 2021: See Luna, Inc's quarterly newsletter featuring current news, new products and more; here!

January 2021: Check out the latest Newsletter-January 2021 from Introspect here, including an on demand webinar "System Oriented Testing for Memory Interfaces, any time you wish!"

October 2020:  Great new white paper from Introspect; Functionally Testing a DDR5 DIMM is not difficult, but it is complicated! Click here!

October 2020: Check out Introspect's October 2020 Newsletter; featuring a new product release, an on-demand webinar, and technical insights! Click here!

September 2020: Introspect has been selected as one of Canada's fastest growing companies for the second year in a row and we're happy to be a part of it! Clink here to see the article. 

July 2020: Webinar - Accelerate Silicon Photonics Development with Advanced Testing and Automation; 

Learn how modern silicon photonic device development requires more than simple testing with a power meter and light source, and how to integrate advanced measurements early and throughout the development process to minimize design iterations, click here to register!

July 2020: II-VI Incorporated Extends Its WaveShaper Programmable Optical Processor Product Line for Operation in the S- and Extended L-Bands, click here for details

June 2020: Press release from eagleyard; eagleyard Photonics rebrands to TOPTICA eagleyard!

May 2019: Join Introspect at Display Week 2019! Click here for free admission!

April 2019: So much news from Introspect!  New Product Release, Upcoming events; Display Week 2019  or MIPI DevCon Stuttgart, Electronics Industry Awards click here to vote and and finally gain some new Technical Insights; "Generating an External Trigger from the SV3C-DPRX MIPI D-PHY Analyer"

March 2019:  New Webinar from @JTAGdotcom, "JFT in Depth | Python - US Timezone" click to register!

March 2019:  New ProductPreview at OFC 2019: Luna 6415Lightwave Component Analyzer, click here for details!

February 2019: Can You Measure Latency in Optical Networks with Picosecond Accuracy?  Get the latest from Luna; videos, blog post and more by clicking here!