Single Mode Laser Diodes

Single Mode Laser Diodes

Single Mode Laser Diodes


Ridge Waveguide or Fabry Perot Lasers operate spatially single mode. This type of laser diode is used in many applications, e.g. metrology, spectroscopy, bioanalytics, life science, and up-conversion fiber lasers.

eagleyard offers standard diodes with output power of 100 mW. Absolute top performers up to 800 mW are available for particular wavelengths.

Anti-reflective versions, so called RWEs, of each type are available for extended cavity applications.

Downloadable Items:

Ridge Waveguide Laser
Product Part NumberWavelengthPowerPackageDatasheetAdd To Quote
EYP-RWL-0808-00800-4000-BFW09-0000808nm800mWButterfly pdf
EYP-RWL-0808-00800-4000-BFW39-0010808nm800mWButterfly pdf
EYP-RWL-0850-00100-1500-SOT12-0000850nm100mWSOT pdf
EYP-RWL-1060-00750-4000-FLW01-0006808nm800mWmini FlatPack Package with Window pdf