4200-DR Series

4200-DR Series

4200-DR Series


The 4200-DR Series LaserSource dual range laser diode driver is ideal for low power applications, such as butterfly and TO-can lasers, as well as many LED applications. The compact enclosure takes up little space and starting at only $995, the 4200-DR offers an excellent value.

Many of our customers have switched to the 4300 after years of using other products, and they have all made the same discovery: Why spend significantly more when you can get the same performance for a fraction of the price?

The LaserSource has all the features you would expect from a laser driver, such as safety interlock, ESD protection, and hardware limit circuits for current and voltage. Dual range allows this instrument to operate at half-scale for improved resolution.

In addition, the LaserSource has unique features not found on competing products including optically isolated modulation and photodiode inputs, programmable PD bias, and a constant voltage control mode.

  • 100mA, 500mA, and 2,000mA models available
  • High stability / low noise
  • High accuracy
  • Constant current, constant power and constant voltage operating modes
  • Large, clear VFD display easily viewable with laser goggles
  • Advanced laser diode protection
  • USB computer interface
  • Command set compatibility with Newport and ILX controllers
Downloadable Items:

ModelCurrent RangeVoltage RangeAccuracyNoiseQCWPrice
4201-DR0 – 50 (mA)/ 0 – 100 (mA)0 to 10V0.025% + 0.02 (mA )/ 0.025% + 0.03 (mA)< 1 μA rms / < 1μA rmsNo$1,095
4205-DR0 – 250 (mA)/ 0 – 500 (mA)0 to 10V0.025% + 0.08 (mA) / 0.025% + 0.12 (mA)< 1.2 μA rms / < 1.5 μA rmsNo$1,095
4220-DR0 – 1000 (mA) / 0 – 2000 (mA)0 – 5 V0.025% + 0.3 (mA)/ 0.025% + 0.5 (mA)< 12 μA rms / < 15 μA rmsNo$1,195