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FMAE Series

FMAE Series

Universal Flare and FMA Adapters
If you are familiar with Viavi’s benchtop fiber inspection products, you probably have seen our complete line of quality,
high-performance adapters (FMA’s). If you would like to use your “FMA” adapters (ex: FMA-MTPA, FMA-E2A, etc.), with a
probe microscope, the universal flare adapter (FBPT-UFMA) make this possible.
FMAE Adapters
FMAE adapters are used in conjunction with the integrated Patch Cord Microscopes (PCM) that are on many of our
handheld devices (ex: OLP-82P). Having dedicated microscopes for inspecting both ends (PCM for Patch Cord & Probe for
Bulkhead) of a connection improves workflow and efficiency by eliminating the need to change tips to inspect both sides.

View the new adapter guide for Viavi inspection equipment. This guide covers Viavi's hand held and benchtop scopes, including the latest addition - the FVAm.

Image Part Number Description Connector Type Application Price
FMAE-E2A E2000 APC Adapter E2000 $519
FMAE-LC LC Simplex Adapter LC $58
FMAE-LC-2X LC Duplex Adapter LC $86
FMAE-LCA LC/APC Simplex Adapter LC $69
FMAE-SC SC Adapter SC $46
FMAE-SC-DUX SC Duplex Adapter SC $58
FMAE-SCA SC/APC Adapter SC $58
FMAE-U12 Universal 1.25mm Adapter Universal $35
FMAE-U25 Universal 2.5mm Adapter Universal $35
FMAE-UAPC Universal 2.5mm APC Adapter Universal $131
FMAE-MTP MTP/MPO RibbonDrive Adapter, MM Ribbon $115
FMAE-MTPA MTP/MPO RibbonDrive Adapter, SM Ribbon $126
FMAE-MPX MPX RibbonDrive Adapter Ribbon $120
FMAE-COD OptiTap Simplex Plug Adapter FTTX $82
FMAE-MTRJ-4 MTRJ RibbonDrive Adapter Other $46