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Intensity Modulators

Intensity Modulators

iXblue offers the most comprehensive range of commercial LiNbO3 intensity modulators:

Mach-Zehder modulators, from low frequencies to 40 Gbps / 40 GHz and for a broad range of wavelength windows including: 800 nm, 1060 nm, 1300 nm, 1550 nm and 2 microns. When they are matched with the family of iXblue Photonics RF drivers, these modulators serve all applications, from laboratory experiments to demanding industrial systems.

Model Operating Wavelength Electro-Optical Bandwidth V RF Datasheet
NIR-MX800-LN-10 780-850nm 12GHz @50 kHz 3.5 V
NIR-MX800-LN-20 780-850nm 25GHz @50 kHz 3.5 V
NIR-MX950-LN-20 850-960nm 25GHz @50 kHz 3.5 V
NIR-MX-LN-10 980-1150nm 12GHz @10 GHz 4.5 V
NIR-MX-LN-20 980-1150nm 18GHz @20 GHz 6 V
MX1300-LN-10 1270-1330nm 12GHz @50 GHz 4 V
MX1300-LN-20 1270-1330nm 25GHz @50 GHz 4 V
MX1300-LN-40 1270-1330nm 30GHz @50 GHz 4 V
MX-LN-10 1530-1625nm 10-12GHz
MX-LN-20 1530-1625nm 20-25GHz @50kHz 5V
MX-LN-40 1530-1625nm 28-30GHz @50kHz 5V
MXAN-LN-10 1530-1625nm 10-12GHz @50kHz 5.5V
MXAN-LN-20 1530-1625nm 20-25GHz @50kHz 5V
MXAN-LN-40 1530-1625nm 28-30GHz @50kHz 5V
MXER-LN-10 1530-1625nm 10GHz
MXER-LN-20 1530-1625nm 18GHz
MXIQER-LN-30 1530-1580nm 20-25GHz
MXIQ-LN-30 1530-1580nm 20-25GHz
MX2000-LN-01 1900-2200nm 1-2GHz @50kHz 5.5V
MX2000-LN-10 1900-2200nm 10-12GHz @50kHz 9.5V