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Tunable Lasers

Tunable Lasers

Our suite of CoBrite tunable laser systems provides solutions from single channel applications up to high channel count systems with up to 104 lasers in one system. Swappable cards and a series of mainframes scale this solution to match your need while it is a future proof investment if your application demand for channels grows over time.

Due to its modular design and platform approach, we are able to provide the widest range of laser and chassis variants for WDM testing in the industry covering both cutting edge coherent research applications as well as standard applications by cost efficient product offerings.

Series Channels Band Tuning
CBMX Series 1 - 104 (requires slave) C,C+L,L 50GHz,Continuous
CBDX1 Series 1 C,L 50GHz,Continuous
CBPX Series 1 - 2 C,C+L,L 50GHz,Continuous
CBDX Series