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WaveShaper 4000A/16000A

WaveShaper 4000A/16000A

    Extends the capability of the WaveShaper 1000A including the ability to direct different portions of the signal to different output ports with different, arbitrary user-generated channel shapes for each port​

  • Bandwidth can be set from 10 GHz to about 5 THz for C or L bands​
  • Bandwidth can be set from 20 GHz to about 9 THz for C + L band model​
  • Setting Resolution is 1GHz​
  • Amplitude and Phase can be manipulated​
  • WaveManager software translates the user specification into the required optical shape​
  • Band-stop and optical comb filters are supported​
  • Attenuation can be controlled over a range of 30 dB for all filter types.​
  • Switch and Combine signals in an Add/Drop configuration
  • Fourier Processing allows splitting the signal at one wavelength between multiple ports​
  • FlexiGrid Channel Emulation Software
  • Remote Control via USB 2.0 and Ethernet
  • Internal Webserver allows operation of the WaveShaper from any device which operates a Web-browser

Downloadable Items:

Model Channels Band Bandwidth Filter Shape Type
WS-04000A-L-S-1-AA-00 1x4 L 10 GHz – 4.85 THz (0.08 – 40.8 nm) Arbitrary Benchtop
WS-04000A-C-S-1-AA-00 1x4 C 10 GHz – 5.36 THz (0.08 – 42.7 nm) Arbitrary Benchtop
WS-04000A-C-S-2-AA-00 1x4 C 10 GHz – 5.36 THz (0.08 – 42.7 nm) Arbitrary Benchtop
WS-04000A-X-S-1-AA-00 1x4 C+L 20 GHz - 9 THz (0.16 nm - 73.4 nm) Arbitrary Benchtop
WS-16000A-C-R-3-AA-00 4x16 C 10GHz - 5THz Arbitrary Rackmount