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  • Hi-Resolution and Low Cost C-Band OSAs
  • Performance enabled by Finisar’s fast-stepping solid-state laser
  • Uses coherent detection techniques to achieve an outstanding combination of resolution, dynamic range and measurement speed.
  • GUI and API are provided
  • Remote Control via USB 2.0 and Ethernet (1500S only)
  • Internal Webserver allows operation of the WaveShaper from any device which operates a Web-browser (1500S only)

Model Manufacturer Channels Band Bandwidth Dynamic Range Type
WA-AA-0100S-ZZ-H Finisar 1 C 1.75 GHz (15 pm) >50dB Compact
WA-00200A-C-P-1-AA-00 Finisar 1 C 1.75 GHz (15 pm) Portable
WA-AA-1500S-ZZ-H Finisar 1 C 150MHz >50 dB Benchtop
WA-AA-1500S-L-H Finisar 1 L 180MHz >50 dB Benchtop