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Tapered Amplifiers

Tapered Amplifiers

Tapered Lasers combine the beam quality of a ridge waveguide laser with the high power known from broad area lasers. If you need high power and small spot size, this is the laser for you. Typical stand-alone applications are data storage or Computer to Plate (CTP), whereas in an amplification setup combined with high- performance seeding sources they can be used for spectroscopy. eagleyard manufactures tapered lasers between 730 and 1,083 nm with high brightness and the smallest divergence. Output powers from 500 mW to 2,000 mW are available.

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Tapered Amplifiers
Product Part Number Wavelength Power Package Datasheet Add To Quote
EYP-TPA-0650-00250-2007-CMT02-0000 650nm 500mW C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0670-00500-2003-CMT02-0000 670nm 500mW C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0780-03000-4006-CMT04-0000 780nm 3W C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0765-01500-3006-CMT03-0000 765nm 1500mW C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0780-01000-3006-CMT03-0000 780nm 1000mW C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0780-02000-4006-CMT04-0000 780nm 2000mW C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0808-01000-4006-CMT04-0000 808nm 1000mW C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0808-02000-4006-CMT04-0000 808nm 2000mW C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0830-01000-4006-CMT04-0000 830nm 1000mW C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0850-00500-3006-CMT03-0000 850nm 500mW C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0850-02000-4006-CMT04-0000 850nm 2000mW C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0870-00500-3006-CMT03-0000 870nm 500mW C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0915-01500-3006-CMT03-0000 915nm 500mW C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0925-01500-3006-CMT03-0000 925nm 1500mW C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0980-00500-3006-CMT03-0000 980nm 500mW C-Mount


EYP-TPA-0980-02000-4006-CMT04-0000 980nm 2000mW C-Mount