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Temperature Controllers

Temperature Controllers

The Arroyo Instruments TECSource temperature controllers bring versatile, low-cost, high performance temperature control to your laboratory. All of our temperature controllers feature fully adjustable PID settings, computer interfaces, and high accuracy temperature, current, and voltage measurement.

AutoTune automatic PID calculation is now standard on all temperature controllers, and available as a free upgrade to existing customers.

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Series Power Current Sensors
5240/5300 Series 120W,180 W,192W,28W,60W ±10 A,±10A,±4 A,±5 A,±8A Thermistor,Thermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335
5400 Series 420 W,840W,960W +/-15 A,±20A,±30A Thermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335