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Laser Mounts

Laser Mounts

Arroyo Instruments manufactures mounts for a broad range of devices. You can quickly go to the appropriate mount for your device by clicking on a photo below.

Downloadable Items:

Series TEC Laser Package Supported
Butterfly LaserMounts Yes 14-pin Butterfly 7-pin Butterfly w/ GPO or SMA
TO-Can / LED LaserMounts Yes 5.6mm TO-Can,5.6mm and 9mm TO-Can, 2, 3 & 4 pin Flange/panel mount fiber pigtailed lasers,5.6mm and 9mm TO-Can, 3 & 4 pin,9mm TO-Can,LED STAR, various
240 Series LaserMounts Yes C-Mount,HHL (High Heat Load),TO-3