MIPI Testers

MIPI Testers

MIPI Testers

Generators and Analyzers for D-PHY, C-PHY, and M-PHY

Introspect provides the capability to understand the limits of your devices and measure real- world performance. SV3C Generators are dual-capable C-PHY and D-PHY to transmit MIPI- compliant data, inject physical and protocol impairments and interoperate with your devices. The CPRX 4-Lane C-PHY Analyzer is the winner of the 2015 DesignCon Best in Design & Test and is the only system capable of eye capture, complete BER detection and protocol analysis.


Physical Layer Performance 

  • C-PHY 1.0/1.1: 4 Lanes (12 wires)
  • D-PHY 1.2/2.0: 4 Lanes + CLK (10 wires)
  • M-PHY G1-G3/G4: 8 Lanes (16 wires)
  • Per-wire skew control with 1-ps resolution
  • Per-lane HS and LP amplitude controls
  • Inject impairments such as DCD, jitter and skew
  • Capture eye diagrams, count errors and analyze packets for timing and payload analysis


  • DSI/CSI compilers for both D-PHY and C-PHY
  • Packet payloads of real images, PRBS patterns, counter patterns and user-defined creations
  • Burst and High-Speed Only modes of operation
  • Full user-control over LP and HS global timing parameters and payload characteristics


Downloadable Items:

ModelDescriptionMax Data RateTx ChannelsRx ChannelsConfiguration
SV3C-DPTXSV3C-DPTX - SV3C D-PHY Generator Bundle. Includes PC SW License (Perpetual) & Cables3 Gbps4+clockMIPI D-PHY Gen Bundle
SV4D-DPTXDirect Attach MIPI Test Module2.5 Gbps4+clock4+clockInstrument & Software only
SV5C-eDP GeneratorEmbedded DisplayPort Generator12.5 Gbps5Instrument & Software
SV5C-eDP AnalyzerEmbedded DisplayPort Analyzer8.1 Gbps5Instrument & Software
SV5C-DPTXCPTX Combo MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY generator — ultimate product for dual roadmap development80.0 Gbps D-PHY / 6.5 Gsps C-PHYMIPI C-PHY/D-PHY Gen Bundle
SV5C-DPRXUltra-portable, high-performance MIPI D-PHY analyzer8.5 GbpsMIPI D-PHY Analyzer Bundle
SV5C-DPRXCPRXCombo MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY analyzer8.5 GbpsMIPI C-PHY/D-PHY Gen Bundle
SV3C-DPRXCPRXSV3C-DPRXCPRX - High-Performance Combo MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY Analyzer3 Gbps4+clockMIPI C-PHY/D-PHY Gen Bundle
SV3C-DPTXCPTX SV3C-DPTXCPTX - SV3C Combon C-PHY/D-PHY Generator Bundle. Includes PC SW License (Perpetual) & Cables3 Gbps4+clockMIPI C-PHY/D-PHY Gen Bundle
SV5C-CPRXUltra-portable, high-performance MIPI C-PHY analyzer6.5 GspsMIPI C-PHY Analyzer Bundle
SV3C-CPTX SV3C-CPTX - SV3C C-PHY Generator Bundle. Includes PC SW License (Perpetual) & Cables3 Gbps4 (x3)MIPI C-PHY Gen Bundle
SV3C-DPRXSV3C-DPRX - SV3C D-PHY Analyzer Bundle. Includes PC SW License (Perpetual) & Cables3 Gbps4+clockMIPI D-PHY Analyzer Bundle
SV4D-CPRXDPRXUltra-compact direct-attach MIPI test module with 2 CPRX/DPRX ports2.5 Gbps2MIPI C-PHY/D-PHY Gen Bundle