SmartClass Fiber

SmartClass Fiber

SmartClass Fiber


SmartClass Fiber is a product family of handheld test tools that integrate fiber inspection, optical testing and PASS/FAIL certification together in a single device. With SmartClass Fiber, technicians obtain ultimate flexibility and performance in a powerful, yet easy to use solution that can turn any technician into an instant fiber expert.



  • Get the job done fast and correctly on the first time
  • Achieve PASS/FAIL analysis on a handheld device
  • Automatically certifies fiber end face condition and provides optical test measurements with simplicity that turns even new technicians into instant fiber experts.
  • Prove that your quality of work meets industry standards and customer specifications.
  • Use it anywhere


  • Measurement of optical power (absolute and relative)
  • Measurement of optical insertion loss
  • Inspecting fiber end faces – both patch cord and bulkhead

Key Features

  • Modern user interface with  3.5” color touch screen.
  • Automated PASS/FAIL analysis for fiber inspection and optical tests.
  • Integrated patchcord microscope version.
  • On Board storage of fiber inspection and test results.
  • Integrated reporting capability  and off line certification software to create customized reports.

SmartClass Fiber
Part NumberDescription
2315/01OLP-82 digital handheld video display, integrated optical power meter
2316/01OLP-82P digital handheld video display, dual-mag patch cord module, integrated OPM
FBP-HD4iHD4i digital handheld video display

SmartClass Kits
Part NumberDescription
FBP-SD4iHD4i basic kit
FBP-SD4i-PROHD4i Pro kit
FIT-8201OLP-82 basic kit
FIT-8201-PROOLP-82 pro kit
FIT-82P01OLP-82P basic kit
FIT-82P01-PROOLP-82P pro kit