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Ultra-portable, high-performance MIPI D-PHY analyzer

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Product Name SV5C-DPRX
Description Ultra-portable, high-performance MIPI D-PHY analyzer
Series SV3C Series
Max Data Rate 8.5 Gbps
Min Data Rate 80 Mbps
Clock Inputs 1
Clock Outputs 2
Differential Voltage Input 20mV - 1000mVpp
Pattern Capability LP and HS differential waveform, close-up of differential HS waveform
User Programmable Pattern Memory 8 Gbyte
Configuration MIPI D-PHY Analyzer Bundle

Quick Overview


  • Self-Contained: an all‐in‐one system enables the simplest bench environment for physical layer test to full protocol layer validation
  • Automated: leverages the full power of Python and the award-winning Introspect ESP Software. Scripting capability is ideal for debug tasks and for full‐fledged production screening of devices and systems
  • Future Proof: protect your investment by adopting a high-performance tool for multiple product applications and across a large span of data rates


  • D-PHY Physical Layer: four D-PHY lanes with integrated LP/HS signaling and support for a continuous range of data rates up to 8.5 Gbps
  • D-PHY Protocol Layer: fully supports CSI-2 and DSI-2 pixel formats, DSI-2 DSC and V-DCM decompression, and DSI Display Command Sets (DCS)
  • Physical Layer Analysis: analog waveform capture for HS and LP with precision time stamps for physical layer events
  • Protocol Layer Analysis: packet error rate testing, full video frame extraction and analysis, and sophisticated capture modes triggered on physical layer and protocol layer events
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