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Embedded DisplayPort Generator

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SV5C-eDP Generator
SV5C-eDP Generator

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    Product Name SV5C-eDP Generator
    Description Embedded DisplayPort Generator
    Series SV3C Series
    Max Data Rate 12.5 Gbps
    Min Data Rate 1562.6 Mbps
    Tx Channels 5
    Clock Inputs 1
    Clock Outputs 1
    Differential Voltage Input 12 V
    User Programmable Pattern Memory 2 Gbytes
    Configuration Instrument & Software

    Quick Overview


  • Protocol: supports Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) up to v1.4 and Display Port (DP) up to v1.4
  • Supported Data Rates: p to 8.1 Gbps with a fully continuous range of data rates
  • Lane Count: configurable from 1 to 4 lanes per port plus Auxiliary Channel
  • Analog Controls: voltage amplitude and common mode voltage, each per lane
  • Signal Impairments: jitter injection, sinusoidal voltage noise injection, per-wire timing skew
  • Pattern Generation: full video frame generation with 2 GBytes of pattern memory
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