Optical Amplifier Modules

Optical Amplifier Modules

Optical Amplifier Modules

XSoptix is proud to offer Amplifier Modules from Finisar and Nuphoton.

Finisar is a leading provider of state-of-the-art EDFAs, Raman amplifiers and optical monitoring devices for all network segments (access, metro, regional and long haul) and for all network applications (telecom, cable and enterprise). Finisar offers innovative solutions for many of the industry’s most pressing challenges. Finisar’s product portfolio includes the UltraSpan® product family, EDFA and Raman Modules, and a Low Latency Product Suite.

Nuphoton is a pioneer in design and manufacturing EDFAs and uses proprietary technology to design high end fiber amplifiers. These amplifiers are available in 1 µm, 1.5 µm and 2.0 µm wavelengths. Nuphoton’s fiber amplifiers are designed for single channel and DWDM fiber optic communication applications. These amplifiers are optimized for flatness and noise performance. Linear Polarized / Polarization Maintaining (PM) and Multimode (MM) amplifiers are available. The hardware and chassis footprint of these amplifiers are optimized for power dissipation sensitive space limited applications. The C-band EDFA is the smallest DWDM fiber amplifier in the world in half MSA fooptrint. The Low Noise EDFA has the lowest noise figure industry, as low as 3.5dB. The High Power EDFA can deliver up to 5W output in a in compact footprint of 130mm x 86mm x 16 mm. The Pulsed YDFA is optimized for pulsed signal amplification at 1064nm wavelength. All amplifiers come with dedicated digital and analog circuitry for monitoring and control. 

Pulsed Amplfiers
Model ManufacturerTypeBand
YDPMFA-NanoNuphoton TechnolgiesPulsed-PM1 µm

CW-PM Amplifiers
Model ManufacturerTypeBandOutput Power
TDPMFA-CW-RSNuphoton TechnolgiesCW-PM2 μm+30dBm

Model ManufacturerTypeBandOutput Power
FOA-M2200CB-EFG1C-AA002ii-viCW-DWDMC band17dBm
FOA-M2200CB-EFG1C-AA003ii-viCW-DWDMC band17dBm
FOA-M2200CB-EFG1C-AA004ii-viCW-DWDMC band17dBm
FOA-M2200CB-EFG1C-AA005ii-viCW-DWDMC band20dBm
FOA-M2200CB-EFG1C-AA006ii-viCW-DWDMC band20dBm
FOA-M2200CB-EFG1C-AA007ii-viCW-DWDMC band20dBm
FOA-M2200CB-EFG1C-AA008ii-viCW-DWDMC band20.7dBm
FOA-M1500CB-ESC1C-AA011ii-viCW-Single Channel-OSCS band13dBm
FOA-M7300CD-EVG1C-AA002ii-viCW-DWDM-VarGainC band17dBm
FOA-M7300CD-EVG1C-AA003ii-viCW-DWDM-VarGainC band19.5dBm
FOA-M7300CD-EVG1C-AA004ii-viCW-DWDM-VarGainC band18dBm
FOA-M7100DA-EVG2C-AA013ii-viCW-DWDM-VarGain-DualStageC band20.5dBm
FOA-M2300CD-EFV1C-AA009ii-viCW-DWDM w/VOAC band19dBm
FOA-M7100DA-EVG2C-AA014ii-viCW-DWDM-VarGain-DualStageC band20.5dBm
FOA-R7100DA-EVG2C-AA015ii-viCW-DWDM-VarGain-DualStageC band23.0dBm
FOA-R9300TH-HBR3C-AA001ii-viHybrid Raman EDFAC band20.5dBm
FOA-M7300CD-50-11-0164-03Rii-viCW-DWDM-VarGainC band19.5dBm
50-10-0040-01Rii-viEDF-ROPAC band
FOA-R9100DJ-RBW2C-CY007ii-viRaman Amplifier ModuleC band + OSC
TDFA-CW-RSNuphoton TechnolgiesCW2 μm+37dBm
EDFA-CW-C0-HR-17-20-FCANuphoton TechnolgiesC-Band+17 dBm
EDFA-CW-C0-MR-18-18-FCANuphoton TechnolgiesC-Band+18 dBm
EDFA-CW-C0-MR-21-21-FCANuphoton TechnolgiesC-Band+21 dBm
EDFA-CW-C0-MR-30-20-FCANuphoton TechnolgiesC-Band+30 dBm
EDFA-CW-C0-PM-MR-18-18-FCANuphoton TechnolgiesC-Band+18 dBm
EDFA-CW-C0-PM-MR-21-21-FCANuphoton TechnolgiesC-Band+21 dBm
EDFA-CW-C0-PM-MR-30-20-FCANuphoton TechnolgiesC-Band+30 dBm
EDFA-CW-C0-PM-RS-37-47-FCANuphoton TechnolgiesC-Band+37 dBm
EDFA-CW-C0-PM-SMR-30-30-FCANuphoton TechnolgiesC-Band+30 dBm
EDFA-CW-C0-PR-34-40-FCANuphoton TechnolgiesC-Band+34 dBm
EDFA-CW-C0-RS-34-40-FCANuphoton TechnolgiesC-Band+34 dBm
EDFA-CW-C0-RS-37-40-FCANuphoton TechnolgiesC-Band+37 dBm

Model ManufacturerTypeBandOutput Power

Space Qaulified EDFAs
Model ManufacturerTypeBandOutput Power