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GaAs Broadband Optical Modulator

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Product Name aXMD2150
Description GaAs Broadband Optical Modulator
Type Broadband Modulator
Optical insertion loss Typ. 6, Max 7dB
RF Drive Voltage Typ 4.6, Max 5.5V
Electro Optical Bandwidth Min 40GHz , TYp 45GHz
Electrical Return Loss Min 8dB
Optical return loss Min 30dB
Electrical to Optical Flatness ±0.8dB
extinction_ratio Min 20, Typ23dB
Bias Electrode Vpi Typ 7.5, Max 10V
Quadrature Control Point Min 0, Type 2, Max 4V
Dimensions 31mm x 45mm

Quick Overview


  • Low size weight and power
  • Compact folded optical configuration
  • Flat frequency response to more than 50 GHz
  • Linear electro-optic response
  • RF drive voltage less than 5V
  • SMPM RF connector (opposite end to fibre I/O)
  • Output monitor photodiode
  • Environmentally stable and radiation tolerant
  • Negligible long-term bias-point drift
  • Temperature control not required  


  • Broadband digital communications (BPSK)
  • RF over fibre
  • Phased-array antenna remoting
  • Aerospace and defense systems
  • Satellite communications
  • Free space optical links
  • High throughput satellites
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