OBR 4200


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Portable Optical Backscatter Reflectometer

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Product Name OBR 4200
Type Portable OBR
Description Portable Optical Backscatter Reflectometer
Weight 9.8000
Event Resolution Low: < 50 High: < 3 mm
Dead Zone No dead-zone
Wavelength 1542 ± 2nm
Device Length 0 to 500 m
Sampling Resolution 0.3 mm
Dynamic Range 50 dB
Range -10 to -120 dB
Sensitivity -120 dB
Resolution ±0.2dB
Accuracy ± 0.4dB
Dynamic Range (Integrated Insertion Loss) 16dB
Resolution (Integrated Insertion Loss) ±0.1dB
Accuracy (Integrated Insertion Loss) ±0.2dB
Measurement Timing 2.6 second overhead per scan plus Low: 0.01 to High: 0.12 s/m
Connector Type FC/APC
Operating Power 10mW
Launch Condition Single-mode output standard. Multimode output available with Mode-Conditioner accessory.
Operating Temperature 0 to +40 C
Storage Temp -20 to +60 C
Battery Life 5 Hr
Battery Charging Time 5 Hr
Size 8.5(L) x 10.7(W) x 3.85(H) in

Quick Overview

  • Verify quality of optical fiber cable assemblies, connectors and short-run networks
  • Troubleshoot and distinguish between macro-bends, splices, connectors and breaks
  • Locate insertion loss points – save hours of troubleshooting time
  • Verify return loss of multiple points in a fiber assembly or harness simultaneously
  • Verify and maintain aircraft and shipboard networks
  • Customize GUI for automated pass/fail verification of your fiber assembly using software development kit
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