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C-Band - PM Optical Amplifier

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Product Name EDFA-CW-PM-C0-PR
Description C-Band - PM Optical Amplifier
Series CW-PM-Single Channel
Wavelength Range 1528 - 1565nm
Band C band
Signal Gain up to 43 dB
Saturated Output Power up to +26dBm
PER > 20dB
Electrical Power Supply 120VAC
Optical Output Termination FC/APC, FC/UPC or Custom
I/O RS232

Quick Overview

  • C-Band PM Single Ch Optical Amplifier Instrument
  • Amplifying the linearly polarized light along the PM-fiber’s slow axis, blocking the light along fast axis
  • 19"" Rackmount with standard RS232 communication interface
  • Telecom, Test & Measurement, Sensing, R&D, etc.
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