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Standard mode-selective spatial multiplexer

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Product Name Proteus-S-6
Description Standard mode-selective spatial multiplexer
Modes 6
Operating wavelength C-band (optimized for 1550 nm)
Insertion Loss < 6 dB
Crosstalk -20 dB
Fiber Type SMF-28e+ array with LC/PC connectors
Signal Output 4 LP mode step-index fiber by Prysmian or graded-index by OFS, or 50/125 µm multimode fiber
Package Size 130 x 94 x 35 mm

Quick Overview


  • 6, 10 or 15 mode multiplexer
  • Operation over C-band (1550 nm)
  • Low insertion loss and high mode selectivity
  • Ultra compact design
  • Optimized for commercially available few-mode fibers


  • Custom spatial mode multiplexer tailored to meet all requirements for SDM, OAM and FSO applications
  • Possible use : • Mode-multiplexing for SDM transmission over FMF • Pump & signal multiplexing for few-mode EDFA • Free-space output with custom beam shape, size and focal point
  • On-demand spatial mode shapes
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