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Thermo Electric Cooler Driver

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Product Name TELTHV-PW
Description Thermo Electric Cooler Driver
Output Current < 4.5 A
Max. Compliance Voltage 4.7 V
Voltage Supply 5 V
Operation Mode Automatic
Output Power 20 W (Max)
Temp Sensor 10kΩ @25ºC, B25/100=3497
Temp Set Internal pot./input signal
Thermal Power Control PID
Cooling Not required
Signal - TSET Temp selected (mV)
Signal - REF 2,5V
Signal - ERR V between TSET and the TNTC
Signal - SDW Shutdown signal
Signal - IT 0.1 *ITEC
Signal - VT = voltage across the TEC
Signal - FAULT = 5V if exist a sensor problem
Signal - TOK = 0V if ERR < 1º
Signal - OT Over temperature at TNTC
Signal - UT Under temperature at TNTC
Visual Interface - RED Right Over temperature
Visual Interface - YELLOW Right Under temperature
Visual Interface - RED1 Center Heating
Visual Interface - YELLOW center Cooling
Visual Interface - RED2 Center NTC error
Dimensions 68.8x33.1x16.6 mm
Operation Temperature 15 to 40ºC

Quick Overview

  • Compact design
  • Bidirectional TEC Control
  • Switching technology: high efficient driver
  • NTC resistor as a temperature sensor
  • PID for precise temperature control (0,01ºC)
  • Security stop when the sensor is open/shorted
  • External shutdown control
  • 2,5V Reference voltage output
  • Current soft-start for controlled start-up
  • Visible running by LED
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