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Driver for High Power Laser Diodes

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Product Name DAE-20050
Description Driver for High Power Laser Diodes
Weight 500.0000
Output Current < 200 A
Max. Compliance Voltage 45 V
Min. Compliance Voltage 10 V
Voltage Supply < 50 V
Laser Output Power 9000 W (Max)
Max. Power Dissipation Allowed 250W
Pulse Width CW (Max)
Current Monitor 10 mV/A
Trigger Out TTL 5V
Trigger Out Delayed TTL 5V
External Current Input Signal TBD
Emergency Stop TTL 5V
Laser On External TTL 5V
Interlock TTL 5V
Laser On Out TTL 5V
Flow Meter I2C / TTL
Connectivity USB 2.0 / RS485
Laser Temperature Sensor NTC, 10kΩ @25ºC
Input Water Cooling Tube 4 x 6 mm
Water Cooling Temp > 14 ºC
Trigger Input TTL 5V
Rise/Fall Time < 22 us
Dimensions 130x75x35 mm
Operating Temperature 15 to 60ºC

Quick Overview

  • Compact design
  • Output current: <200A
  • QCW or CW operation mode
  • USB communication
  • Water cooling circuit included
  • Up to 45V compliance Voltage
  • No extra supply voltage required
  • Differential current input signal available
  • Laser temp sensor & PHD input signals
  • Reverse current protected.
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