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Automatic Mach Zehnder BIAS Controller

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Product Name ABC-XX-A
Description Automatic Mach Zehnder BIAS Controller
Modulator type (Single & DualPol.) ‐ IQ or Intensity Mach Zehnder
Modulation Formats All, No dependency
Max. BIAS Voltage, single ended Up to 46V, limit customer settable
Number of BIAS Control channels 6
Mach‐Zehnder Modulator connector IQM direct: to OIF‐PMQ‐TX‐01.1 standard
Feedback detector type MZM internal or external tap,1 detector/Pol
Analog User Outputs (AUX), # of channels Voltage range [V] 4, ‐5 to 0 or 0 to 5
Digital User Outputs (AUX),  Number of channels 8, 5V TTL
I/O USB, Ethernet, 5V UART
Size 300 x 140 mm (19 x 4 inch)
Power Supply AC or DC (9V-36V) optional

Quick Overview

  • Software configurable support of single & dual‐pol IQ or Intensity Mach Zehnder Modulators
  • No dependency on applied modulation format and RF amplitude
  • supporting all higher level modulation formats
  • No user tweaking for optimal setting required
  • Fast and simple switching between modulation formats
  • Zero Noise feature
  • No external Tap Photodiode required
  • Customer defined maximum Voltage range up to 48V
  • Extremely wide dynamic range of feedback tap
  • User analog and digital I/O’s provided
  • Easy‐to‐Use GUI provided
  • USB, Ethernet & UART interface for remote control
  • SCPI Style remote control command set, LabView® drivers supplied