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Programmable Single Polarization Filter

Programmable Single Polarization Filter

  • Polarization Maintaining version of the WaveShaper 1000 programmable filter
  • Processing is performed on the signal which is launched into the slow axis of the PM input
  • C-Band operation and 1um operation
  • Enables testing of single-polarisation components such as lasers and modulators
  • Enables the creation and shaping of short pulses down to the femtosecond regime
  • Remote Control via USB 2.0

Downloadable Items:

Model Channels Band Bandwidth Filter Shape Type
WS-01000A-C-S-1-AA-01 1 C 10 GHz – 5.36 THz (0.08 – 42.7 nm) Arbitrary Benchtop
WS-01000A-Y-S-1-AA-01 1 1 µm 0.1 nm to 50 nm Arbitrary Benchtop