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Polarization Scramblers

Polarization Scramblers

Ultrafast endless optical polarization scrambling at up to 10000 krad/s

  • Based on electrooptic waveplates with adjustable rotation speeds
  • 40 ns clock cycles (= updating intervals) assure continuous, quasi-steady polarization changes even at high scrambling speeds
  • Synchronous mode (for recirculating loop experiments)
  • Triggered mode (for PDL and Mueller/Jones matrix measurements) available
  • Insertion loss: ~1.5...3 dB
  • Low power consumption: ~12 W (+5 V from included power supply 100-240 V)
  • Differential group delay (DGD) sections consisting of polarization-maintaining fibers (PMF) can be provided for PMD emulation
  • Available as a desktop unit, as a module or as an intellectual property core
  • We are eager to accommodate special requirements.

Model # Inputs Band Maximum Scrambling Speed Type