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Optical Amplifiers

Optical Amplifiers

XSoptix is pleased to offer EDFAs from Finisar, ID Photonics and Nuphoton

Finisar's  EDFAs are built on their robust and and field tested UltraSpan platform - they are available in a 1RU (rackmountable) or Benchtop housing.

ID Photonics offers a line of PM-EDFAs in both Single Channel and Multi-Channel configuraitons with output power ranging from +13dBm to > +30dBm.

Nuphoton is a pioneer in design and manufacturing EDFAs and uses proprietary technology to design high end fiber amplifiers. These amplifiers are available in 1 µm, 1.5 µm and 2.0 µm wavelengths. Nuphoton’s fiber amplifiers are designed for single channel and DWDM fiber optic communication applications. These amplifiers are optimized for flatness and noise performance.  Linear Polarized / Polarization Maintaining (PM) and Multimode (MM) amplifiers are available.  The hardware and chassis footprint of these amplifiers are optimized for power dissipation sensitive space limited applications.

Please let us know how we can help you choose the one that's right for your application.

Model Manufacturer Type Band Output Power I/O
FOA-R2100PB-EPB2C-AA010 Finisar CW-Single Channel + OSC C band 25.5dB SNMP, RJ45
FOA-M2200TM-EFG1C-AA060 Finisar CW-Single Channel C band 17dBm Ethernet and RS232
FOA-M2200TM-EFG2C-AA061 Finisar CW-Single Channel-Dual EDFA C band 20dBm Ethernet and RS232
FOA-R7100TM-EVG2C-AA063 Finisar CW-Single Channel C band 23dBm Ethernet and RS232
PMEDFA-PM-SC-13-B-FA ID Photonics CW-PM-Single Channel C band > +13dBm
PMEDFA-PM-SC-15-B-FA ID Photonics CW-PM-Single Channel C band > +15dBm
PMEDFA-PM-SC-20-B-FA ID Photonics CW-PM-Single Channel C band > +20dBm
PMEDFA-PM-SC-23-B-FA ID Photonics CW-PM-Single Channel C band > +23dBm
PMEDFA-PM-SC-27-B-FA ID Photonics CW-PM-Single Channel C band > +27dBm
PMEDFA-PM-SC-30-B-FA ID Photonics CW-PM-Single Channel-High Power C band > +30dBm
PMEDFA-PM-DWDM-13-B-FA ID Photonics CW-PM-DWDM C band > +13dBm
PMEDFA-PM-DWDM-18-B-FA ID Photonics CW-PM-DWDM C band > +18dBm
PMEDFA-PM-DWDM-20-B-FA ID Photonics CW-PM-DWDM C band > +20dBm
PMEDFA-PM-DWDM-23-B-FA ID Photonics CW-PM-DWDM C band > +23dBm
PMEDFA-PM-DWDM-27-B-FA ID Photonics CW-PM-DWDM C band > +27dBm
PMEDFA-PM-DWDM-30-B-FA ID Photonics CW-PM-DWDM-High Power C band > +30dBm
EDFA-CW-C0-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-Single Channel C band +27dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-L0-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-Single Channel L band +25dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-CL0-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-Single Channel C & L band +20dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-1520-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-Single Channel S band +21dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-PM-S0-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-PM-Single Channel S band +21dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-PM-C0-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-PM-Single Channel C band up to +26dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-HP-L0-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-High Power L band +37dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-PM-L0-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-PM-Single Channel L band up to +25dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-PM-CL0-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-PM-Single Channel C+L band +20dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-HP-C0-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-High Power C band +40dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-PMHP-C0-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-PM-High Power C band 40dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-PMHP-L0-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-PM-High Power L band 40dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-C4-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-DWDM C band +27dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-L4-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-DWDM L band +24dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-CL4-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-DWDM C & L band +23dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-PM-C4-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-PM-DWDM C band Custom RS232
EDFA-CW-PM-L4-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-PM-DWDM L band Custom RS232
EDFA-CW-PM-CL4-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-PM-DWDM C+L band 20dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-LNF-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-Low Noise C band +17dBm RS232
EDFA-CW-MM-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-MultiMode C band +15dBm RS232
TDPMFA-CW-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW-PM 2 μm +30dBm RS232
TDFA-CW-PR Nuphoton Technolgies CW 2 μm +37dBm RS232