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Automatic BIAS Controller

Automatic BIAS Controller


The ID Photonics automatic bias controller (ABC) is designed to lock the operating point of Mach-Zehnder modulators to ensure stable optimal performance over time and environmental conditions.

It covers a wide variety of applications from single polarization Intensity Modulators to polarization multiplexed IQ Modulators by simple user reconfiguration in software.

For IQ modulators, this unique design provides a stable tracking of optimal operating point for arbitrary RF input signals such as QPSK, QAM-xx or Nyquist shaped signals without requiring manual tweaking of parameters. This enables stable operation especially when switching between modulation formats.

A zero noise feature allows achieving optimal and repeatable performance.

A GUI is provided for instant access and a SCPI style command set provides extensive control status information and configurations such as locking status.

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Automatic BIAS Controller
Name Description
ABC-XX-A Automatic Mach Zehnder BIAS Controller
ABC-BPC-00-X Automatic BIAS Controller (ABC) (X = Adapter Type: C: Europe, A: US, Asia D: UK)
ABC-BPC-01-X Automatic BIAS Controller (ABC), includes power supply (X = Adapter Type: C: Europe, A: US, Asia D: UK)
ABC-BPC-03-X Automatic BIAS Controller (ABC), Benchtop Optical (X = Adapter Type: C: Europe, A: US, Asia D: UK)
ABC-BPC-03C-A Automatic BIAS Controller (ABC), Benchtop Optical- customization for 2 inputs (X = Adapter Type: C: Europe, A: US, Asia D: UK)

Name Description
ABC-BPC-ACC-PD-01 Photodiode suitable for feedback signal generation; 800nm – 1700nm for Automatic Mach Zehnder BIAS Controller
ABC-BPC-ACC-PD-02 Photodiode assembly with integrated 5% tap coupler, suitable for feedback signal generation; 800nm – 1700nm, FC/APC, 0.8m pigtail length
ABC-BPC-ACC-OP-01 Optical SM Coupler, FC/PC for use with external photodiode
ABC-BPC-ACC-AD-01 Additional MZM adaptor board for OIF standard compatible MZM
ABC-BPC-ACC-AD-02 MZM adaptor board SMA connector male output