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ASE/Broadband Sources

ASE/Broadband Sources

XSoptix is please to offer ASE and Broadband Sources from Finisar and Nuphoton Technologies

Finisar's  High-Power ASE Source is built on their robust and field tested UltraSpan platform.

Nuphoton offers ASE sources in the C and L bands as well as 1um and also offers a SuperContinuum source covering 500 - 2000nm.

Please let us know how we can help you choose the one that's right for your application.

Model Manufacturer Band Output Power GFF I/O
FOA-S2000TM-ASE3C-AA062 Finisar C 26.5dBm yes Ethernet and RS232
ASE-06-PR Nuphoton Technolgies 1 µm 20 dBm No RS232
ASE-C4-PR Nuphoton Technolgies C Band Custom Yes RS232
ASE-L0-PR Nuphoton Technolgies L Band 26dBm No RS232
ASE-L4-PR Nuphoton Technolgies L Band Custom Yes RS232
ASE-CL0-PR Nuphoton Technolgies C+L Band 26dBm No RS232
ASE-CL4-PR Nuphoton Technolgies C+L Band Custom Yes RS232
SC-2W Nuphoton Technolgies 500-2200nm 2000mW RS232
ASE-C0-PR Nuphoton Technolgies C Band 27dBm No RS232