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FiberChek Multifiber Probe

FiberChek Multifiber Probe

FiberChek Sidewinder™ Automated multifiber connector inspection & analysis The FiberChek Sidewinder is the industry’s first “all-in-one” handheld inspection and analysis microscope for multifiber connectors such as MPO. The latest addition to VIAVI’s awardwinning FiberChek family delivers a completely automated solution to inspect and analyze every fiber of an MPO or other multifiber connector with industry-leading reliability and speed.

FiberChek Multifiber Probe
Part Number Description Price
FIT-FCSW-KIT1 Kit: FiberChek Sidewinder probe – WiFi, Case, FCPP-OLA-1, FCPT-UFBPT, FBPP-BAP1 and tip case $6,500
FIT-FCSW-KIT1-NW Kit: FiberChek Sidewinder probe – NO WiFi Case, FCPP-OLA-1, FCPT-UFBPT, FBPP-BAP1, tip case $6,000
FIT-FCSW-KIT2 Kit: FiberChek Sidewinder probe – WiFi Case, FCPP-OLA-1, FCPT-MTP, FCPT-MTPA, FCPT-UFBPT, FBPP-BAP1, tip case $7,500

FiberChek Sidewinder Accessories
Part Number Description Price
FCPP-SCASE4 Carrying Case for FiberChek Sidewinder $250
FCPT-MTP Tip, MTP Bulkhead, for FiberChek Sidewinder $500
FCPT-MTPA Tip, MTP APC Bulkhead, for FiberChek Sidewinder $500
FCPP-OLA-1 Objective Lens Assembly, for FiberChek Sidewinder $200
FCPT-UFBPT Adapter, FBP Probe Interface for FiberChek Sidewinder $50
FCPP-RDC1 Replacement Dust Cap and Tether for FiberChek Sidewinder $25
FBPP-GC-6 Tip and Adapter Case, clear plastic $23