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Space Qualified EDFAs

Space Qualified EDFAs

Space Qualified Erbium – Doped Fiber Amplifier

The space qualified EDFA consists of its controlling electronics and fiber optics.

The controlling electronics includes the central micro-controller, optical power detection and reporting of EDFA input and output, and the pump laser current driving electronics. All the electronic components are space qualified, with radiation level of 100 krad nominal.

The fiber optics of the space qualified EDFA uses radiation-harden version erbium-doped or erbium/ytterbium co-doped specialty fibers as gain medium. Besides, all the other passive fiber optic components are either High-Rel category items or the best-in-class high power level fiber optics.

The tables below summarize the different flavors of space qualified EDFAs that Nuphoton offers.

Model Type Band Output Power
EDFA-RadH-C0 CW-Single Channel C band up to +37dBm
EDFA-RadH-C4 CW-DWDM C band up to +37dBm
EDFA-RadH-C0-PM CW-PM-Single Channel C band up to +37dBm