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Fiber Laser Modules

Fiber Laser Modules

Fiber lasers are the lasers with optical fiber as the gain media. Nuphoton’s high power laser sources used in LIDAR and medical applications. High power lasers are designed for industrial applications like marking and cutting.

Nuphoton’s Fiber lasers are designed as robust sources that can be readily integrated into OEM applications for industrial and manufacturing environments. These lasers are available in pulsed or continuous wave mode of operation.

These lasers are rugged (MIL-STD-810E for shock and vibration), reliable (MTBF>15years) products by design that use proprietary technology to achieve high peak/average power. The Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) configuration has a TTL input port to control the timing and repetition rate of the output pulses. The user can control the units through RS232 interface.

Part Number Type Center Wavelength Output Power Peak Power
GL-200mW Pulsed 532nm ≤ 200mW up to 2 kW
EDFL-Pico-1560-4.5-35-FCA Pulsed 1560nm > 8 W
EDFL-Pico-1560-6-35-FCA Pulsed 1560nm > 6 W
EDFL-Pico-1560-25-50-FCAnm Pulsed 1560nm > 5 W
EDFL-Nano-1550-0.75-3-600-FCA Pulsed 1550nm 600mW
EDFL-Nano-1560-1.5-800-10-Coll Pulsed 1560nm < 10 W Up to 700 kW
EDFL-Nano-1550-3-75-5-Coll Pulsed 1550nm < 5 W 20 kW
EDFL-Nano-1558-3-30-2-FCA Pulsed 1558nm < 2 W Up to 12 kW
EDFL-Nano-1550-20-2-FCA Pulsed 1550nm ~50mW 100 to 120 kW
YDFL-1064-330-35-1-FCA Pulsed 1064nm 4mW
YDFL-1030-880-35-1-FCA Pulsed 1030nm 0.7mW
YDFL-Pico-1030-4.5-35-5-FCA Pulsed 1030nm 5mW
YDFL-Pico-1064-4.5-35-5-FCA Pulsed 1064nm 5mW
YDFL-Nano-1064-3-20-2- FCA Pulsed 1064nm ≤ 2 W 5 kW
EDFL-DataTx-1550-2.5G-3-FCA Pulsed 1550nm 3 W