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Digital Drivers

Digital Drivers

The DR-DG family is a set of modulator driver modules specially designed for telecommunication modulation formats such as NRZ, RZ up to 44 Gb/s, DPSK up to 28 Gb/s, and 22 Gb/s (D)QPSK up to 2 x 28 Gb/s.

The DR-DG RF amplifiers are generally mandatory to amplify the electrical signal delivered by a PRBS (Pseudo Random Bit Sequence) or an AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) generators so as to reach the optimum amplitude before applying it to the modulator RF port.

The DR-DG drivers are key components to obtain high quality eye diagrams with high SNR, low jitter and fast rise and fall times. They operate from a single power supply for safety and ease of use, and offer gain control.

The DR-DG modulator drivers come in a compact connectorized module that match (mechanically and impedance) directly with iXblue phase and intensity modulators.

Model Frequency Range Gain Datasheet
DR-DG-10-MO 50k-8G Hz 30dB (typ)
DR-DG-12-MO 50k-15G Hz 28dB (typ)
DR-DG-10-HO 50k-8G Hz 30dB (typ)
DR-DG-20-HO 80k-25G Hz 29dB (typ)
DR-DG-20-MO 50k-18G Hz 30dB (typ)
DR-DG-28-MO 50k-28G Hz 30dB (typ)
DR-DG-40-MO 50k-40G Hz 26dB (typ)