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Analog Optical Transmitters

Analog Optical Transmitters

The Analog Optical Transmitters are optical modulation units based on wide bandwidth and linear LiNbO3 modulator associated with a low RIN laser. The RF amplifier can be optional if the ModBox is used in combination with an electrical VNA to measure S-parameters in full 2-port calibration. Other applications include RF over fiber (RFoF) links, analog devices characterization, test and measurement …

These ModBoxes are available in the telecom C and O bands up to 65 GHz, and custom versions can be delivered in the Near Infra-Red window with modulation bandwidth up to 40 GHz.

A set of several Standard ModBox units are already available, please refer to the data-sheet ModBox link below. If your ModBox product is not existing, a customized and dedicate solution can be assembled for you.

Model Wavelength Insertion Loss Datasheet
ModBox-VNA-850nm-30GHz 852 nm
ModBox-VNA-OBand-40GHz 1310 nm
ModBox-VNA-OBand-70GHz 1310 nm
ModBox-VNA-CBand-40GHz 1550 nm
ModBox-VNA-CBand-70GHz 1550 nm
ModBox-CBand-CS-SSB 5 dB