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Introspect ESP Software

Introspect ESP Software

The most intuitive, integrated algorithm development environment.

Remarkably simple.

Be an expert in your own product engineering. Not in test software engineering.

Introspect’s ultra-capable development environment allows you to easily and seamlessly develop and verify all your high-speed digital and mixed-signal algorithms. Designed for users with widely varying backgrounds and expertise, it offers an extremely intuitive interface simultaneously with infinitely extensible capability. From DC to GHz, from time-domain to frequency-domain, and from digital storage to video broadcast, Introspect ESP is the ideal development environment for the most specialized product engineering teams.

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Downloadable Items:

Product Part Number Product Description Price
IESPSW-PC-USB IESPSW-PC-USB - PC Software, USB Locked $13,500
IESPSW-PC-NLP IESPSW-PC-NLP - PC Software, Node-Locked $13,500
IESPSW-PC-RUNTIME IESPSW-PC-RUNTIME - Windows Runtime DLL for IESP Software $14,688