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SV2C Series

SV2C Series

Series Features:

  • Highly‐integrated USB based tester
  • Data rates: 19Gbps to 32Gbps fully continuous operating range.
  • Lanes: 8 Tx and 8 Rx, independent, differential with per channel adjustment of voltage and timing.
  • Signal impairments: pre‐emphasis and bit slip.
  • DUT TX Measurements: eye-diagram, EQ, jitter and voltage sensitivity
  • Parallel: SV2C tests complete 32Gbps links simultaneously
  • Self Contained: an all‐in‐one system, combining the functions of multiple instruments


Downloadable Items:

Model Max Data Rate Tx Channels Rx Channels Configuration
SV2C-28 32 Gbps 8 8 Instrument & Software
SV2C-28H 32 Gbps 8 8 Instrument only
SV2C-32 32 Gbps 8 8 Instrument & Software