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Optical Multi-Format Tx

Optical Multi-Format Tx

The Optical Multi-Format Transmitter (OMFT) is a fully integrated optical frontend instrument that  converts electrical RF signals into an IQ modulated optical signal.

This device provides excellent quality and matched channels optimized for next generation multi-level transmission formats at very high symbol rates. It is suitable as reference transmitter for receiver characterization or transmitter reference setup.

The unit comprises a Mach Zehnder based optical  modulator and RF amplifiers  for connecting to Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG) or Pulse Pattern Generators (PPG).


The unique RF amplitude / modulation format independent automated BIAS control allows users to apply customized RF input signals without requiring manual tweaking of parameters and guaranteeing operation at the optimal operating point. This enables long-term stable operation and automated switching between modulation formats.

A zero noise feature allows to achieve optimal and repeatable performance.

Downloadable Items:

Model # # Polarizations Modulator type Internal laser
OMFT‐S‐XX‐N‐xx Single IQ or Intensity (optional) none
OMFT‐S‐XX‐C‐xx Single IQ or Intensity (optional) C Band
OMFT‐S‐XX‐L‐xx Single IQ or Intensity (optional) L Band
OMFT‐D‐XX‐N‐xx Dual IQ or Intensity (optional) none
OMFT‐D‐XX‐C‐xx Dual IQ or Intensity (optional) C Band
OMFT‐D‐XX‐L‐xx Dual IQ or Intensity (optional) L Band