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CBDX4 Series

CBDX4 Series


  • Ultra Compact; 1 to 4 Lasers
  • Polarization Maintaining Fiber
  • Several Laser Variants available
    • Fully Tunable, Narrow Line Width
    • 50GHz Grid Tunable, Narrow Line Width
    • 50GHz Grid Tunable, Standard Line Width
  • Line Width available @
  • Remote control via Ethernet and USB
  • SCPI Style commands
  • 19” Rackmount Kit available

Downloadable Items:

Product Part Number Channels Band Line Width Tuning
CBDX4-1-L-W01-xx 1 L 800kHz Typ. 50GHz
CBDX4-1-C-N01-xx 1 C 1kHz Continuous
CBDX4-1-CL-H01-xx 1 C+L 25kHz Typ. Continuous
CBDX4-2-C-W01-xx 2 C 800kHz Typ. 50GHz
CBDX4-2-C-C01-xx 2 C 300kHz Typ. 50GHz
CBDX4-2-C-H01-xx 2 C 25kHz Typ. Continuous
CBDX4-2-CL-H01-xx 2 C+L 25kHz Typ. Continuous
CBDX4-4-C-W01-xx 4 C 800kHz Typ. 50GHz
CBDX4-4-C-C01-xx 4 C 300kHz Typ. 50GHz
CBDX4-1-C-H01-xx 1 C 25kHz Typ. Continuous
CBDX4-1-C-C01-xx 1 C 300kHz Typ. 50GHz
CBDX4-1-C-W01-xx 1 C 800kHz Typ. 50GHz
CBDX4-1-L-C01-xx 1 L 300kHz Typ. 50GHz
CBDX4-1-L-H01-xx 1 L 25kHz Typ. Continuous
CBDX4-2-L-W01-xx 2 L 800kHz Typ. 50GHz
CBDX4-2-L-C01-xx 2 L 300kHz Typ. 50GHz
CBDX4-2-L-H01-xx 2 L 25kHz Typ. Continuous
CBDX4-4-L-W01-xx 4 L 800kHz Typ. 50GHz
CBDX4-4-L-C01-xx 4 L 300kHz Typ. 50GHz
CBDX4-4-L-H01-xx 4 L 25kHz Typ. Continuous
CBDX4-4-C-H01-xx 4 C 25kHz Typ. Continuous