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UltraSpan ROPA

UltraSpan ROPA

Finisar's UltraSpan® Remote Optically Pumped Amplifier (ROPA) is an intelligent pump unit for remote optically pumped amplifier applications. The product is packaged in a 3RU rack-mountable network-ready unit, including built-in GUI and SNMP communications, and can thus be operated as a fully independent network element. The UltraSpanROPA comprises a pump unit containing up to six hot-swappable 14xx nm semiconductor diode pump lasers, providing up to 2 W pump power, and full comprehensive electronic control. A redundant configuration for high reliability applications is also available, whereby pumps are operated below maximum power and automatically increase their power if one of the pumps fails. For deployments where remote EDF is not already installed in the fiber line, Finisar can also provide an optimized remote passive gain unit which is uniquely tailored to the pump unit.

The amplifier provides 15-20 dB gain using a remote Erbium-doped Fiber (EDF) placed 80-120 km from the unit, and in addition provides 20-25 dB distributed Raman gain. Taken together, this allows a repeaterless link to be extended by up to 18 dB. The ROPA unit can be used in conjunction with Finisar’s UltraSpanPower Booster or Co-propagating Raman on the transmitter end to provide longer extensions if required. The UltraSpanROPA is classified as Class 1M with respect to laser safety. The pump unit includes three parallel, nondependent eye safety mechanisms that shut down the unit in case of a fiber link disruption, including open connectors (both PC and APC) or broken fiber anywhere between the pump unit and the remote EDF. This unique and comprehensive safety mechanism is extremely important due to the high pump power required for ROPA applications.

Model # Wavelength Range Input power range Composite pump power Size
FOA-R9400PR-RPA3C-AA001 1533nm to 1565nm 22dBm (max power w/out damage) 800mW to 840mW 1RU