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UltraSpan Raman

UltraSpan Raman

Finisar's UltraSpan® Raman is a 1RU rack-mountable intelligent amplifier. It can be operated as a fully independent stand-alone network element, and the network-ready hardware and software support SNMP communication protocol.

The UltraSpanRaman is qualified as Class 1M with respect to laser safety. The amplifier incorporates three parallel, nondependent eye safety mechanisms that shut down the amplifier in case of a fiber link disruption, including open connectors (both PC and APC) or broken fiber even at a distance of few tens of kilometers from the unit. This unique and comprehensive safety mechanism is extremely important due to the Raman amplifiers’ high output power.

This amplifier is comprised of an intelligent Raman pump unit containing up to three 14xx nm semiconductor diode pump lasers, and full comprehensive electronic control. The pump unit provides up to 18 dB Raman gain for G.652 fiber (SMF), allowing a repeaterless link to be extended by up to 7 dB. Using patent pending technology, the Raman pump unit can operate in full automatic gain control (AGC) mode, thus allowing the Raman gain to be set with an accuracy of +/-0.7 dB.

Model # Wavelength Range Input Power Range Composite pump power Gain (Max) Noise Figure SIze
FOA-R9100PR-RBW2C-AA003 1528nm to 1567nm ; 1500nm to 1520nm (OSC) -45dBm to -10dBm Pump Off (composite) 450mW to 490mW 15dB True Wave -1dB 1RU
FOA-R9100PR-RBW3C-AA004 1529nm to 1564nm ; 1500nm to 1520nm (OSC) -44dBm to +5dBm Pump Off (composite) 680mW to 710mW 22dB G653 -0.5dB 1RU