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Fixed Gain EDFA w/VOA

Fixed Gain EDFA w/VOA

The M3200CD Fixed Gain (FG) EDFA is a micro processor-controlled module for C-band amplification.It is packaged in a standard 70x90 multi-source amplifier package, meaning that it can be mounted on any line card already designed to accommodate a multi-source EDFA.

The amplifier quickly reacts to network conditions as they unfold, seamlessly adjusting to variations in the system conditions of Metro and Long Haul environments in real-time. It has a VOA on its output allowing the output power to be varied while keeping a flat gain spectrum. Its fast AGC allows the amplifier to keep the gain constant also in cases when there is a fast and large change in the input power.

Model # Wavelength Range Input Power Range Saturated Output Power Gain (Max) Noise Figure
FOA-M2300CD-EFV1C-AA009 1529.5nm to 1564nm -18dBm to +2dBm 19dBm 22dB 5.5dB