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5400 Series

5400 Series

The 5400 Series TECSource temperature controllers bring precision temperature control to your laser application. Every TECSource features ultra-stable performance and fully adjustable PID control.

Each instrument also comes with a high contrast VFD display and standard computer interfaces in a space-saving design.

  • AutoTune for automatic PID calculation
  • 420 Watts to 960 Watts of TEC power
  • Fully adjustable PID settings
  • Large, clear VFD display, easily viewable with laser goggles
  • Simultaneous display of temperature set point, actual temperature, current, and voltage
  • USB / RS-232 computer interfaces that are command set compatible with Newport and ILX temperature controllers
  • Drive our LaserMount fixtures or compatible mounts
Downloadable Items:

Model Power Current Sensors Price
5400-15-28 TECSource 420 W +/-15 A Thermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335 $2,995
5400-30-28 TECSource 840W ±30A Thermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335 $3,995
5400-20-56 TECSource 960W ±20A Thermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335 $4,495