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5240/5300 Series

5240/5300 Series

TECSource temperature controllers bring precision temperature control to your laser application. Every TECSource features ultra-stable performance and fully adjustable PID control. The 5300 Series TECSource adds multiple sensor support, an integrated fan power supply, and up to 192W of TEC power.

Each instrument also comes with a high contrast VFD display and standard computer interfaces in a space-saving design.

  • AutoTune for automatic PID calculation
  • Choose from the 5240, with 28 watt (4A / 7V), or the 5300 Series, with 60 watts (5A / 12V), 120 watts (10A / 12V), or 192 watts (8A / 24V) to drive any Peltier cooler.
  • Fully adjustable PID settings
  • Large, clear VFD display, easily viewable with laser goggles
  • Simultaneous display of temperature set point, actual temperature, current, and voltage
  • USB / RS-232 computer interfaces that are command set compatible with Newport and ILX temperature controllers
  • Drive our LaserMount fixtures or compatible mounts
Downloadable Items:

Model Power Current Sensors Price
5240 TECSource 28W ±4 A Thermistor $995
5305 TECSource 60W ±5 A Thermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335 $1,495
5310 TECSource 120W ±10 A Thermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335 $1,995
5300-08-24 TECSource 192W ±8A Thermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335 $2,395
5300-10-18 TECSource 180 W ±10A Thermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335 $2,395