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MEMS micro-mirrors

MEMS micro-mirrors

Sercalo produces MEMS Micromirrors based on different technologies: Electrostatic driven MEMS mirrors are used in applications where a high pointing stability is required. The electrostatic drive has better DC performance and is the solution of choice for advanced fiber optic light processing such as in MEMS variable optical attenuators, fiber optic switches and tunable optical filters. Mirror diameters range from 0.8 mm up to 4.0 mm. The Magnetic MEMS micro-mirrors offer larger diameters and are best suited in applications requiring DC pointing together with dynamic scanning. Magnetic 1-d and 2-d micromirrors have a linear current angle response.

TM Series
Product Part Number Short Description Technology Mirror Diameter Package Style
TM10-10 MEMS 3D Steering Mirror (1.0 mm diameter mirror) Electrostatic 1.0mm TO46
TM2520 MEMS 3D Steering Mirror (2.5mm x 2.0mm mirror)) Electrostatic 2.5mmx2.0mm T05

Product Part Number Short Description Technology Resonance Frequency Mirror Diameter Package Style
MM142-1-x 1 Axis Magnetic DC MIRROR Magnetic 200Hz 14.2 mm 27mmx23mmx8mm
MM142100-1-x 1 Axis Magnetic DC MIRROR Magnetic 250Hz 14.2x10.0 mm 23mmx21mmx8mm
MDU800-x Magnetic Deflection Unit Magnetic 200Hz (X) ; 250Hz (Y)
MM-2536-2-x Dual Axis Deflection Unit Magnetic 180Hz 2.5x3.6mm2 13mmx16mmx6.2mm