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Single Frequency Laser Diodes

Single Frequency Laser Diodes

DFB-Lasers / DBR-Lasers / RWS-Lasers

Single Frequency Laser Diodes have a wavelength-selective grating integrated in the laser chip. Thus they operate on a single resonator mode emitting quasi-monochromatic radiation with a very small linewidth and low phase noise. The lasers can have very low-intensity noise because of the lack of mode partition noise. Due to the Gaussian mode the output is diffraction-limited.

DBR Lasers
Product Part Number Wavelength Spectral Width Power Package Datasheet Add to Quote
EYP-DBR-0633-00005-2000-BFY02-0000 633nm 1MHz 5mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-DBR-0633-00010-2000-TOC03-0005 633nm 1MHz 10mW TO-3


EYP-DBR-0633-00010-2000-BFW01-0000 633nm 1MHz 10mW Butterfly w/ window


EYP-DBR-0633-00005-2000-BFW01-0005 633nm 1MHz 5mW Butterfly w/ window


EYP-DBR-1063-00100-2000-SOT02-0000 1063nm 2MHz 100mW SOT


EYP-DBR-1063-00100-2000-TOC03-0000 1063nm 2MHz 100mW TO-3


EYP-DBR-1080-00080-2000-TOC03-0000 1080nm 2MHz 80mW TO-3


DFB Lasers
Product Part Number Wavelength Spectral Width Power Package Datasheet Add to Quote
EYP-DFB-0760-00010-1500-BFY02-0000 760nm 2MHz 10mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-DFB-0760-00040-1500-TOC03-0000 760nm 2MHz 40mW TO-3


EYP-DFB-0760-00040-1500-BFW01-0000 760nm 2MHz 40mW Butterfly w/ window


EYP-DFB-0764-00010-1500-BFY02-0000 764nm 2MHz 10mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-DFB-0764-00040-1500-TOC03-0000 764nm 2MHz 40mW TO-3


EYP-DFB-0767-00050-1500-TOC03-0000 767nm 2MHz 50mW TO-3


EYP-DFB-0767-00050-1500-BFW01-000x 767nm 2MHz 60mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-DFB-0780-00040-1500-BFY02-0000 780nm 2MHz 40mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-DFB-0780-00080-1500-TOC03-0000 780nm 2MHz 80mW TO-3


EYP-DFB-0780-00080-1500-BFW01-000x 780nm 2MHz 80mW Butterfly w/ window


EYP-DFB-0785-00040-1500-BFY02-0000 785nm 2MHz 40mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-DFB-0785-00100-1500-TOC03-0000 785nm 2MHz 100mW TO-3


EYP-DFB-0795-00080-1500-BFW01-0005 795nm 80mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-DFB-0852-00050-1500-BFY02-0000 852nm 2MHz 50mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-DFB-0852-00150-1500-TOC03-0000 852nm 2MHz 150mW TO-3


EYP-DFB-0852-00100-1500-BFW01-000x 852nm 2MHz 100mW Butterfly w/ window


EYP-DFB-0855-00050-1500-BFY02-0000 855nm 2MHz 50mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-DFB-0855-00150-1500-TOC03-0000 855nm 2MHz 150mW TO-3


EYP-DFB-0935-00080-1500-TOC03-0000 935nm 2MHz 80mW TO-3


EYP-DFB-1030-00500-1500-BFY02-0010 1030nm 2MHz 500mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-DFB-1060-00040-1500-BFY02-0002 1060nm 2MHz 40mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-DFB-1064-00040-1500-BFY02-0x0x 1064nm 2MHz 40mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-DFB-1064-00080-1500-TOC03-0000 1064nm 2MHz 80mW TO-3


EYP-DFB-1064-00500-1500-BFY02-0010 1064nm 2MHz 500mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-DFB-1083-00030-1500-BFY02-0000 1083nm 2MHz 30mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-DFB-1083-00080-1500-TOC03-0000 1083nm 2MHz 80mW TO-3


EYP-DFB-1083-00080-1500-BFW01-0000 1083nm 2MHz 80mW Butterfly w/ window


Ridge Waveguide Lasers - Stabilized
Product Part Number Wavelength Power Package Datasheet Add to Quote
EYP-RWS-0633-00010-2000-TOC03-0000 633nm 10mW TO3


EYP-RWS-0760-00010-1500-BFY02-0000 760nm 10mW 14-Pin Butterfly


EYP-RWS-0760-00040-1500-SOT02-0000 760nm 40mW SOT 9 x 3.65 mm


EYP-RWS-0760-00040-1500-TOS52-0000 760nm 40mW TO 56x1.27mm


EYP-RWS-0764-00040-1500-TOC03-0000 764nm 40mW TO-3 (Peltier)


EYP-RWS-0767-00050-1500-TOC03-0000 767nm 50mW TO-3 (Peltier)


EYP-RWS-0785-00080-1500-SOT02-0000 785nm 80mW SOT


EYP-RWS-0785-00080-1500-TOS52-0000 785nm 80mW TO 56x1.27mm


EYP-RWS-0785-00080-1500-TOS51-0000 785nm 80mW TO 56x1.27mm


EYP-RWS-0852-00100-1500-SOT02-0000 852nm 100mW SOT


EYP-RWS-1064-00080-1500-SOT02-0000 1064nm 80mW SOT


EYP-RWS-1064-00080-1500-TOC03-0000 1064nm 80mW TO-3 (Peltier)