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Multimode Laser Diodes

Multimode Laser Diodes

Broad Area Lasers operate spatially and longitudinally multimode. They are used for solid-state laser pumping, sensor technology, material processing, medical applications (e.g. photodynamic therapy), as well as in scientific research.

eagleyard offers broad area lasers at wavelengths between 670 and 1,120 nm and output powers between 1 and 18 W at cw mode. Stripe widths from 60 µm to 400 µm are available to optimize beam structure and power for your application.

Downloadable Items:

Broad Area Lasers
Product Part Number Wavelength Spectral Width Power Package Datasheet Add to Quote
EYP-BAL-0653-01000-1510-CMT02-0000 653nm 2nm 1W C-Mount


EYP-BAL-0670-01500-1510-CMT02-0000 670nm 2nm 1.50W C-Mount


EYP-BAL-0670-01500-1506-CMT02-0000 670nm 2nm 1.5W C-Mount


EYP-BAL-0808-04000-2013-CMT04-0000 808nm 2nm 4W C-Mount


EYP-BAL-0808-07000-4020-CDL02-0000 808nm 6nm (max) 7W CDL with FAC/SAC lens


EYP-BAL-0808-08000-4020-CMT04-0000 808nm 6nm (max) 8W C-Mount


EYP-BAL-0808-00020-1540-SOT23-0016 808nm 5nm 20W TO 9mm


EYP-BAL-0980-08000-4020-CMT04-0000 980nm 6nm (max) 8W C-Mount


EYP-BAL-0980-10000-4020-CDL02-0000 980nm 6nm (max) 10W CDL with FAC/SAC lens


EYP-BAL-1064-08000-4020-CMT04-0000 1064nm 6nm (max) 8W C-Mount


EYP-BAL-1064-10000-4020-CDL02-0000 1064nm 6nm (max) 10W CDL with FAC/SAC lens


EYP-BAL-1064-16000-4020-CDL02-0000 1064nm 8nm (max) 16W CDL with FAC/SAC lens


EYP-BAL-1120-01500-2010-CMT02-0000 1120nm 5nm (max) 1.5W C-Mount


Broad Area Lasers Pulsed Operation
Product Part Number Wavelength Spectral Width Power Package Datasheet Add to Quote
EYP-BAL-0670-00002-1506-SOT23-0010 670nm 3nm 0.5W SOT


EYP-BAL-0740-00001-2010-SOT12-0016 740nm 3nm 0.4W SOT


EYP-BAL-0808-00005-2013-SOT12-0010 808nm 2nm 6W SOT


EYP-BAL-0905-00010-1040-TOE22-0010 905nm 10nm 10mw TO with Thread


EYP-BAL-0905-00050-1040-TOE22-0010 905nm 10nm 50mw TO with Thread