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Green Modules Ø15mm

D-Series Features:

                            • Optical power - From <mW up to 200mW
                            • Operation modes -  CW and modulation TTL / analogue
                            • Optics - High efficiency, low divergence , gaussian or uniform line or other pattern generators
                            • Trigger input
                            • Very small spot size at focus
                            • Designed against vibrations
                            • Protected against high ESD

   D-Series Applications:

                            • Metrology
                            • Radiography scanning
                            • Profile measure
                            • Lighting
                            • Guiding

Series Description Wavelengths (nm) Datasheet
CS-mount-808-nm Conductive Cooled Package 808
MC7803M-7A15 Low Power Diode Laser - Modulatable & focusable laser diode module at 780nm 780
D64140M-UL45-F300 Low Power Laser Diode - Low Power Diode Laser 639nm 140mw with uniform line 45º and TTL input 639
A-stack-1060-nm Actively Cooled Package 1060
A-stack-940-nm Actively Cooled Package 940
A-stack-915-nm Actively Cooled Package 915
A-stack-808-nm Actively Cooled Package 808
C-stack-1060-nm Conductive Cooled Package 1060
C-stack-940-nm Conductive Cooled Package 940
C-stack-915-nm Conductive Cooled Package 915
C-stack-808-nm Conductive Cooled Package 808
AS-mount-1060-nm Actively Cooled Package 1060
AS-mount-940-nm Actively Cooled Package 940
AS-mount-915-nm Actively Cooled Package 915
AS-mount-808-nm Actively Cooled Package 808
CS-mount-1060-nm Conductive Cooled Package 1060
CS-mount-940-nm Conductive Cooled Package 940
CS-mount-915-nm Conductive Cooled Package 915
C6920-SMF Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Module - Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Module 690nm 20mW SMF 690