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Laser Bar Assemblies

Laser Bar Assemblies

monocrom has developed a new concept of mounting high power diode lasers bars. In the patented technology, the laser bars are clamped without soldering within two copper blocks. This technology allows us to offer you the most reliable high power diode lasers. Different solutions are available, from direct irradiation to ber-coupled, from single bars to laser bar stacks of kW of power, from CW to nanosecond pulses, from visible to near-infrared, from conductive to water-cooled housing, and all adapted  to our customers needs.

monocrom Laser Bar Features:

  • Laser Bars: 20 - 90% fill factor, 0.6 - 3mm resonator
  • Wavelength: 635, 780, 810, 850, 880, 915, 940, 980, 1060 nm
  • Optical Power: up to kWs
  • Operation Mode: pulsed (nanseconds - miliseconds), QCW, CW
  • Housing: standard or custom
  • Cooling System: Conductive or Water Cooled (tap water can be used)
  • Beam Delivery: Non-collimated, FAC, FSAC collimated, fiber-delivery

Downloadable Items:

Series Description Max Power
Single Bars Single Laser Diode Bar Assemblies 270W
Laser Bar Stacks Laser Diode Bar Stack Assemblies 3kW
Horizontal Bar Stacks Laser Diode Bar Horizontal Stack Assemblies 1.5kW