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100GHz Photodetector

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Product Name XPDV4120R-WF-FP
Description 100GHz Photodetector
Accessories PPS-03-X4: Power Supply PPS for XPDV4120R photodetectors
Bandwidth 90GHz
Wavelength 1550nm
Coupling DC
Standard Optical Connector FC/PC
Standard Electrical Connector WF

Quick Overview

  • 100GHz typical electrical 3dB bandwidth
  • Flat frequency response up to 100GHz
  • Excellent pulse behavior
  • Well matched 50Ω output
  • Alternatively offered as 90GHz version

  • Communication systems up to 600Gb/s
  • Microwave photonics up to 60GHz
  • High speed Lightwave characterization
  • Test & Measurement equipment
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