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Standalone Y.1564 application

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Product Name Valkyrie1564
Description Standalone Y.1564 application

Quick Overview

  • Full configuration and performance testing according to Y.1564
  • Complete validation of Ethernet service-levelagreements (SLAs) in a single test
  • Multiple protocols supported per UNI (Ethernet, Customer and Service VLANs, MPLS, IPv4, IPv6, and UDP)
  • Define Per-UNI or per-CoS bandwidth profiles, and specify CoS-to-DSCP mapping
  • Support for different network topologies and traffic flow directions
  • Summary and result reports in PDF and XML formats
  • Easy execution and results parsing from automated scripting environments
  • User-friendly GUI makes Valkyrie1564 simple to learn, easy to use thereby reducing time-to-test
  • Valkyrie1564 is free software supplied with all Xena test equipment
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